Workship Listing

Here is a list of the workshops offered in 2010.

 A. Rural Ministry 101 Leader: Pat Milliken
Through story telling and reflection, explore the realities of ministry in a rural community, where you can encounter the extended family church, the rule of matriarchs and patriarchs, membership by donation (a pie for the church supper counts!), decisions by “coffee shop and parking lot consensus”, and a faith community that intimately celebrates life and death, despair and hope. Pat Milliken is a member of an actively farming family and is Minister of the Sprucedale- Providence pastoral charge in Chatham-Kent. Previously, Pat worked for 12 years with London Conference (United Church) as the Conference Minister responsible for rural congregations, ministers and concerns.Pat was also part of the leader team for the Southern Ontario Orientation to Rural Ministry Program and with others, helped develop an educational program for Rural Ministry at Huron College, University of Western Ontario.
 B. Greening our Theology and Worship Leader: Cathy Miller
“I believe that the Ecological crisis is the global crisis of our time and that Christianity has a great deal to offer people trying to come to terms with the change that must take place to save our planet. However, the dominant and popular view of salvation and redemption does little to help people understand their relationship within the universe community. Many Christians are under the mistaken assumption that there is only one way of understanding salvation history and what it means to be redeemed. In my workshop, we will explore the creation-friendly understandings of redemption and salvation prevalent in Celtic theology that have been lost or forgotten over the years.” The Rev. Catherine Miller is an Anglican priest and is studying ecology and theology in the D. Min. program at the Toronto School of Theology.
 C. Clergy Care Leader: Andrew Irvine
The health and well-being of clergy are essential to the health and strength of the church. Explore with Dr. Andrew Irvine, Director of the Centre for Clergy Care & Congregational Health , how congregations and clergy can together create a caring community of Christ in which all are nurtured and sustained,
 D: Congregations In Transition From Family To Pastoral Sized Congregations Leader: David Robinson
Family to Pastoral Size growth in one congregation of a multi-point parish presents major issues for clergy and lay leaders. Much has been written about church growth in the pastoral to program size congregations, but there is a little information on the stresses of trying to nourish a small growing church while demands of other congregations leave little time to do that. Explore the issues through a PowerPoint presentation and conversation. Come prepared to share your stories. Dave Robinson is Lead Congregational Development Consultant with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto with 20+ years experience in assisting congregations to transition, grow and problem-solve.
 E: Shared Ministry Leader: Rev Martha Tatarnic
Richard Hryniw was originally schedule to run this workshop but is unable to be with us. Rev Martha Tatarnic will be leading this worshop. Martha is serving a Lutheran/Anglican Congregation at St David Orillia.
 F: Conflict Resolution for Rural Congregations Leader: Betty Pries
In congregational life we are often tempted to shy away from dealing with conflict. Our motivation can be pure – we want to avoid making the situation worse. In reality, however, this can lead both to increased conflict and to decreased visibility of the spirit of God within our communities. This workshop will consider the question: How do we engage in authentic dialogue with those with whom we worship? How does our engagement of conflict reflect the Spirit of God among us?Betty Pries began as a mediator in 1993 with Mediation Services in Winnipeg. In 1999, Betty moved to Kitchener-Waterloo where she began a private consulting practice in mediation and conflict resolution. Betty specializes in consultation, mediation and training for congregations, workplaces and organizations. Betty is a regular instructor with Conrad Grebel University College at the University of Waterloo and has written articles for a number of publications on a variety of mediation related topics. Betty is a managing associate with ARC – Associates Resourcing the Church. Betty also has a Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Conrad Grebel University College. She has been certified as a mediator by Mediation Services and has received her designation as Chartered Mediator through Alternative Dispute Resolution Canada. Betty is a member of Alternative Dispute Resolution Ontario.
 G: Pastoral Care in Multi-Point Parishes Leader: Eugene Dufour
When a member of our church family is suffering, the focus of pastoral care is to devote presence, attention, and respectful assistance while helping the person discern what is the meaning in their life now, in this new environment of pain, and how they can seek to live out that meaning as their recovery unfolds. This workshop will present creative ways of accomplishing this difficult task when trying to provide pastoral care in multi-point parishes. Special attention will be directed at how compassion fatigue affects the pastoral care provider and or team.Eugene Dufour is a clinically trained Chaplin, Marital and Family Therapist, Bereavement Specialist, Compassion Fatigue Educator and Therapist and a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Facilitator. He has worked in the area of pastoral care, mental health, hospice palliative care and the HIV/AIDS movement for the past 25 years. Eugene is presently the Coordinator of the SHARE THE CARE campaign for South West Ontario and the Executive Director of the Bereavement Ontario Network He also works for a Family Health Team providing bereavement and trauma therapy.
 H: Further Conversation with Rene Van Acker Leader: Dr. Rene Van Acker
Explore further the ideas discussed in Rene’s theme presentation.
 I: Children and Youth Ministry: “Small Advantage” Leader: Sue Malpus
Participants will take an appreciative look at ministry to children and youth in rural congregations, or where numbers of young people are low. They will explore how to keep things R.E.A.L. (Relational/Experiential/Applicable/Learner-Based), and will leave with lots of practical ideas.The Reverend Sue Malpus comes with 20+ years of experience of ministering with young people both as a lay person and as a parish priest, and at congregational, deanery and diocesan level. She is currently the Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Anglican Diocese of Huron.
 J: Engaging the Singer in All of Us Leader: Kathy Underwood
Every church has a singing reputation – it either is known as a church that sings or one that doesn’t. Explore the art of enabling people to sing even if they “can’t carry a tune in a bucket”, with Kathy Underwood, the Symposium’s Music Leader. Kathy’s passion is helping people enhance their worship experience through singing together in complete disregard for their singing or non-singing reputation. This workshop focuses on the approach she uses to enable singing, particularly with congregations who don’t believe in their singing ability, an approach based in humility, invitation and worship as the work of the people.Music that Swells the Heart – singing together
$ The Invitation to Sing
$ Strategies to Engage the Singer in All of Us
$ Selecting Music that enables not squelches singing
$ Understanding the Science behind Communal Singing – how it affects us emotionally and physically and why it is integral to our worship experience.
$ Believing in the SingersKathy Underwood is first and foremost, a member of a small rural pastoral charge in northern Grey County where she finds great joy in facilitating the experience of worship through music, a passion that she has pursued through most of her adult life.

 K: The One-Mile Decorator Leader: Jackie Durnford
Learn to enhance the beauty of your sanctuary with materials that are right at hand, with Jackie Durnford, owner of the Creemore 100 Mile Store.
 L: Internet Ministry & Accessing Resources for Ministry Leader: Stephen Johnston
The Internet is all about community however that ‘electronic’ community has only been readily available to folks in cities and towns. Recently Internet technologies and accessibility have become available in many rural areas. Internet ministry has become part of many congregations’ toolboxes. This workshop will explore the contents of that Internet Ministry toolbox from the standard tools of email and websites to the use of the social networking technologies. The workshop will share many of the resources that Steve and his colleagues have discovered, and will give an opportunity to share resources that you might bring along to share. Steve Johnston was a computer network consultant but has traded Geek for Greek as a displaced urbanite turned rural pastor. Steve also runs a website updating service used by several churches.
 M: Heart to Heart Leaders: Jenn Ramer and Lea-Anne Ramer
Eight years ago, 4 women had a desire to see the women in their small rural community come together, though friendships and faith. This desire evolved into an exciting program called Heart to Heart Ministries. Learn how this ministry is still thriving today in the heart of Zurich, Ontario, as it gathers women of all ages, walks of life and of different faiths together twice a year, for a nine week session. This workshop will offer practical ways to implement a similar program in your community that brings women together to support one another and deepen their faith in Christ, so they can go back to their families, husbands, workplaces and communities with a deepened love for God and others. Led by Jenn Ramer and Lea-Anne Ramer, two of the leaders of Heart to Heart.
 N: Addressing Violence and Abuse in Rural Families Leader: Colleen Purdon
This workshop will explore the unique issues facing rural families and communities that are dealing with violence and abuse. It will include information and discussion about recognizing risk factors, safety planning, supporting victims and perpetrators, and prevention strategies. The workshop will include resources from the provincial Neighbours, Friends and Families program and discussion on how to locate and use community support services.Colleen Purdon is the Coordinator of the Grey Bruce Violence Prevention Coordinating Committee and a member of the provincial expert panel that developed the Neighbours, Friends and Families Program. She has lived and worked for over 20 years in Grey Bruce as a researcher, consultant and administrator on national, provincial and regional projects dealing with violence, health, poverty and equality issues for rural women and families. The focus of her work is the development of programs and strategies that address the specific needs of rural families and their communities.
 O: Community-based Energy Projects Leader: OSEA
The passing of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act (GEA) has created an unprecedented opportunity for citizens, co-operatives, First Nations, municipalities, local distribution companies and other local institutions to invest in and develop their local renewable energy resources. The GEA is proof that the Government of Ontario ‘gets it’: a recognition that the best business practices are those that engage community stakeholders in a significant way. Projects that go beyond mere citizen consultation and communication and forge equitable investment relationships with local stakeholders will enjoy greater social acceptance and support and a competitive advantage.Nicole Risse is Trade Show, Events and Logistics Coordinator with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.
 P: Seeking Justice in the Food System Leader: Grant Robertson
Explore how churches can help ensure dignity and security of income for farm families while enhancing the land for future generations. Grant Robertson farms near Paisley, Ontario and is a Ontario Co-ordinator for the National Farmers Union.
 Q: Further Conversation with Dr. Gil Waldkoenig Leader: Dr. Gil Waldkoenig
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