Workshops 2016

  • A – Forming New Leadership for the Rural Church | Ven. Dr. William Harrison
    How are we forming effective lay and ordained leaders for the rural church? How can we shape this training? William is Director for Mission and Ministry in the Diocese of Huron and was Principal of Kootenay School of Ministry in Kelowna, BC.
  • B –  All in This Together: Ecumenical Mergers | Rev. Catherine Barley
    Many of our rural and small communities have multiple churches struggling to remain viable. What would happen if we decided to get together? Catherine will reflect on the process and principles that guided the formation of St. Mark’s Anglican-Lutheran Church in Midland ON.
    Catherine was incumbent of Midland from September 2008 to July 2015.
  • C Is Online Community Really Community? | Rev. Jesse Dymond
    This workshop will consider social media and technology as tools for mission and ministry, considering both good practices and common pitfalls for their use in the life of the Church.
    Jesse is a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • D – Music that Works in Small Churches | Catherine Oxenford-Grant
    What works, what doesn’t and how to meet the challenges head-on with energy, faith and plenty of Holy Spirit! Catherine has more than 40 years experience in professional church music. She is presently serving as Student Intern Minister in the Rideau Pastoral Charge.
  • E – Bi-vocational Ministry in a Rural Setting | Rev. David Cooper
    Come and share stories and experiences of what is working in bi-vocational ministry.
  • F – Ministry Outside the Box | Rev. Fred Stewart
    This workshop will look at the possibilities of locating a congregation’s ministries and even worship outside of a church building. Fred Stewart combines ministry to St. Andrew’s, Bolsover and Woodville Community Presbyterian Church with serving as Executive Director of the Renewal Fellowship in the PCiC.
  • G- More Conversation with the Theme Speakers  | With Rev. Christine O’Reiley and Canon Dave Robinson.
  • H – What now? Options for Small Churches | Rev. John Peter Smits
    An overview of some options for congregations that cannot continue in their current form.
    J.P. is Regional Minister for Congregational Health for the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • I – In it for the Long Haul | Rev. Mark Pierce
    The workshop will give insight into serving a long-term pastorate in a small, rural community.
    Mark is a retired United Methodist ordained Elder. He has served in rural and small village settings all of his career, serving 19 years at The Lake and River Parish in upstate New York.
  • J – Hope in Decline: Models for Very Small Communities | Rev. Dr. Jay Koyle (DR)
    An examination of how the church has responded to the challenge of isolated and very small communities in Northern Ontario.
    Jay serves as Congregational Development Officer for the Diocese of Algoma.
  • K – Small Church Worship that Works | Presenter To Be Announced
    A focus on planning and leading inspiring worship in small congregations.
  • L – Will our Faith have Children? | Dr. Tori Smits
    Best practices for congregations with ten or fewer children. Tori is Regional Minister for Faith Formation for the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda in the PCiC.
  • M – Tooling Up for Local Mission in a Multi-Point | Joan Cavanagh-Clarke (DR)
    Getting engaged in the local community in mission in small communities, a workshop focussing on getting our hands dirty following God into local mission. Joan has been the incumbent of the Parish of Minden-Kinmount for 5 years.
  • N – Using Technology Effectively in Rural Church Worship | Rev. Ceri Rees
    Finding ways for technology to assist and enhance weekly worship in rural churches. Ceri has served Orono United Church for six years.
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