Workshops 2012

You will be able to attend FOUR workshops. On your registration form list your top SIX choices:

A – Hanging in There for the Long HaulThis will consist of lecture, stories, and conversation about the positives and negatives of longer stays in a parish, the results of short stays, and the value of the ministry of presence. Building trust takes time… ”We were just waiting to see if you were for real.” Mark Pierce is an ordained United Methodist pastor serving Lake and River Parish, NY, since 1995.

B – Questioning Bi-Vocational MinistryFrom 1981 to 1997 the Rev. Tom Holmes spent most of his time in what could be classified as “bi-vocational” ministry as a student, youth minister, Bible college lecturer, assistance pastor and church
planter. There’s a lot to be said for flipping burgers, cleaning toilets and preaching the gospel and the experience raises a lot of questions.

C – Building the Church-Community Connection:Churches can become so intent on survival that they lose sight of their divine missional purpose. Participants will hear the inspiring story of one small church in rural New York – their journey of discovering a “unique community ministry” that revitalized the church and brought a spark of life to a small town. Helen Beck is an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and currently serves two small churches.

D – Youth And Children In MissionYouth and Children are not simply the future of our churches – they are the present! In this session, participants are welcomed into a discussion centered on the role and impact of youth and children in a mission-focused church. Rev Bonnie Schelter-Brown serves as the pastor of St. James Ev. Lutheran Church, New Dundee, ON; and the dean of the Kitchener-Waterloo Conference of the ELCIC.

E – Health & Growth: Realistic in Rural Congregations?Natural Church Development is a health-check survey used by over 60,000 churches around the globe, focusing on the most important barriers to God’s all-by-itself growth-potential through the application of
growth principles in a congregational survey and individual tests. The session will include an overview of NCD and show how 2,100 Canadian churches have benefited from integrating the organic principles of health
and growth. Bill Bickle is the Canadian National Partner for NCD and works with churches in 46 denominations across the country.

F – Messy ChurchLooking for ways to reach young families? Find out how Messy Church can help to develop community and faith formation in a creative and all ages setting – whilst having fun and a meal! This hands on workshop will give you information, tools, and resources to take away as we also give you a ‘taste’ of Messy Church. Workshop leaders Sue and Andy Kalbfleisch are Messy Church Regional Coordinators. To see where Messy Church all started, watch the video at!

G – Social Networking In A Rural ContextIs an on-line presence optional? This workshop considers the necessity of electronic ministry in light of mission and stewardship, looking to practical and low-cost solutions for digital communication in rural
parishes. Jesse Dymond is a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada. He has a lifelong interest in computer technology, and continues to pursue
interdisciplinary studies in science and theology.
H – Rural Ministry: What They Didn’t Teach In SeminaryWho heads the cemetery committee? Who orders the candles? Where do you even FIND CANDLES? These are a few questions that might face a first-call pastor entering rural ministry. Join a light-hearted conversation
about church life in the rural setting and all those unexpected surprises! Rev Jennifer Canning, UCC and Rev Adam Snook, ELCIC serve neighboring parishes in cottage-country.
K – Technology: Digital Resources In WorshipAn introduction to the use of technology as an integral part of a worship service. Between them, Jean Wilson and Ceri Rees have many years of experience of using technology to enhance worship.

L – First steps towards Mission-Shaped and RuralThis workshop will look at some of the unique challenges facing rural churches as they move towards becoming shaped for mission. Helpful resources will be looked at and discussed, and some practical first steps that can be taken in a rural context will be explored. The Rev. Jenny Andison is the Archbishop’s Officer for Mission for the Diocese of Toronto, where she is responsible for encouraging fresh expressions of church and missional ministry. When Jenny was first ordained she served in a rural, multi-point parish in the Diocese of Ontario.

M – Further Conversation With John BowenA chance to discuss further the ideas presented by this year’s theme speaker John Bowen.

N – Appreciative InquiryFor the last three years our diocese has been incorporating AI into the work that we are doing. AI is applicable to any size group and provides a positive frame in which to imagine and work toward its preferred future. Come & experience it for yourself! Heather Steeves is a Congregational Development and Volunteer Management Consultant with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. She is a member of a fledgling “new monastic community” in Toronto.

P – Collaborative MinistryHow can congregations be a full expression of church without overdependence on clergy? Let’s explore what “Collaborative Ministry” (aka Total Ministry or Ministry of all the Baptised) a world-wide phenomenon, can teach us about releasing lay ministry. Heather Steeves is a Congregational Development and Volunteer Management Consultant with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. She is a member of a fledgling “new monastic community” in Toronto.

Q – Supporting TransformationA workshop for judicatory-level leaders and staff to share what we are learning in our work supporting rural congregations. This is to be a true workshop, please come prepared to share stories and resources that have worked for you. Dave Robinson is Director of Congregational Development for the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and has been engaged in CD work for over 20 years. A small-town kid from rural Ontario, he is now an exile in the big city where he has followed his spouse in her vocation as a parish priest.

R – Church Music in the 21st CenturyAn exploration of musical resources from traditional hymns to global music available to the smaller congregation. An opportunity to take an inventory of your talents and find new models for musical ministry in your faith community. Douglas Cowling is a musician and writer with a particular interest in music in the smaller church and the role of children in worship. Doug is the author of books on congregational liturgy and has edited two collections of global music for liturgical use.

S – Taking Care of Yourself In Rural MinistryHow do you find time for your own spirituality when a sermon needs to be written, a funeral just popped up, and a mountain of paperwork awaits? Join in the search for practical ways to enrich your own spirituality in the midst of busy rural ministry. Rev Dr Kristine Lund serves as the Assistant Principal and Director of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo, ON.

T – Ministry With Migrant WorkersLearn more about Rev Ted McCollum’s ministry with migrant workers in the Beaverton, ON, area.
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